Taste of Home Village Summit 2020


Country Blueberry Coffee Cake | from Susan Worley | a favorite of Natalie Worley
Breakfast Egg Muffins with Bacon and Spinach | from Paula Thomson | a favorite of Avery Thomson
Banana-Berry Spin Smoothie | from Randall Newton | a favorite of Tyler Matthew Newton


Pecan Pie Cupcakes | from Kesha Williams | a favorite of Darien Smith
Shrimp Scampi with Veggies | from Carol M. Lewis | a favorite of Julia Katherine Lewis
Sarah's Spam Musubi | from Cheri Quayle | a favorite of Sarah Quayle
Black Bean Quinoa Patties with Chipotle Mayo | from Brandi Allen | a favorite of Olivia Allen
Chimichangas | from Lauri Pysczynski | a favorite of Ciara Pysczynski
Bakwan Sayur (Indonesian Veggie Fritter) | from Henny Kusumawati | a favorite of Muhammad Tristan Amadeo
Cauliflower Cheese | from Abigail Gunter | a favorite of Hannah Gunter


Russian Honey Cake | from Natalya Selitskiy | a favorite of Denis Selitskiy
Cashew Broccoli | from Laurie Benken | a favorite of Joseph Benken
Mushroom Rice Casserole | from Laura Ventura | a favorite of Brooke Ventura
Chana Masala | from Shobha Rajendran | a favorite of Nisha Rajendran
Peanut Butter Trail Mix Bars | from Jan Reel | a favorite of Judson Reel
Blueberry Crunch | from Tammy Dunn | a favorite of Randal Dunn III
Pollo Vaca Frita | from Victoria Navarrete | a favorite of Natalie Navarrete
Carrot SoufflĂ© | from Kevin DeRamus | a favorite of Madelyn DeRamus
Yellow Daal | from Kavita Tolani
 | a favorite of Shyla Tolani
African Curry | from Brett Schwab | a favorite of Luke Schwab
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon | from Charlene Harrell | a favorite of Charlie Harrelll