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The meal plan offered to each student is voluntary; you choose to be our customer. Choosing to join the meal plan at UGA, where the Big Dawg eats, gives you an unmatched dining experience full of creative culinary concepts, healthy options, diverse cuisine, nutrition services, special events, and more. You'll love dining with friends at the five dining commons or one of the many retail locations around campus. 

To view our plans for resuming normal operations for Fall 2021 please click here. 

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Great Value

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With an All-Access meal plan, you can visit UGA’s five dining commons as often as you’d like for an estimated $15-21 per day. And our 180-Block and Commuter plans are just $9.40 per meal.



Join thousands of students who enjoy a variety of tasty menu items including sizzling stir-fry, refreshing smoothies, hearth oven pizzas, healthy salads, cooked-to-order burgers, and more.

Tax-Free Purchases

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When you dine on the meal plan you don’t have to worry about paying tax or extra fees! Use Paw Points and automatically save 8%* at retail locations. *Paw Points are tax-free as part of the meal plan.

Convenient Locations


With five Dining Commons as well as more than 20 retail locations and markets conveniently located throughout campus, your next snack or meal is always close by wherever you are on campus. 




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Which Plan is Best for Me?

Use the meal plan builder to find the plan that best works for you!

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Variety of Dining Locations 

UGA Dining Services offers a variety of dining locations including our five dining commons as well as restaurants, coffee shops, and markets.

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Paw Points & Bulldog Bucks

Paw Points, which are a part of select meal plans, and Bulldog Bucks provide you with additional payment options for the dining commons, retail locations, and vending on campus.

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Bulldawg Box To-Go Program 

Bulldawg Box allows customers to register for a reusable, environmentally safe, sustainable to-go containers. Boxes, available at the cashier station, must be returned in exchange for a new box at each visit.

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Touch-Free Entry

Dining Services uses Iris Recognition Technology to provide accurate, fast, and hygeinic access to the dining commons.

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Health & Safety  

Safety and sanitation remain our top priority. Here are some of the ways we are maintaining a safe environment as we return to normal operations. 

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Perks of the Meal Plan

Enjoy a wide variety of additional perks when you join the meal plan, includng two guest passes per semester, space to study, and 24-hour weekday service.

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Nutrition Services

Take advantage of the exceptional nutrition services and establish healthy eating habits through nutrition education, private counseling, our Build Your Plate menu system, and more. 

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Special Events

From special menus to fun activities, Dining hosts many events throughout the academic year.

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Don't just take our word for it!

Here's what others are saying about the UGA meal plan:

Ayanna Turner

There’s a lot of options on the meal plan. I think there’s been even more variety offered as the semester goes on, from both vegetables and even the desserts!

—Ayanna Turner, UGA '23

John Montoya

The variety of food is great and on any given day there are protein and vegetable options available. There are also some mainstay items that you can rely on that you know will always be there! I love the expanded options this semester.

—John Montoya, UGA '24

Ethan Dawidowicz

I have the 180 blocks plus 300 Paw Points which averages out to about 2 meals a day at the dining halls, but that is more than enough. With the addition of Paw Points, I’m offered a variety of restaurants I can enjoy! 

—Ethan Dawidowicz, UGA '24

Sophia Noel Rodriguez

I am on the 7 Day All-Access meal plan and I love the flexibility of being able to come into the dining halls anytime, meaning I can pop in to get a cup of coffee at O-House or a scone from Bolton whenever I want. I definitely make use of the full value of my plan!

—Sophia Noel Rodriguez, UGA '23