Student Employment Opportunities


Dining Services offers many benefits to students — award-winning food and a friendly work environment are just a couple of them! Some of the excellent benefits of a job with UGA Dining Services include:

- The student employee wage is $12.50/hour with career ladder progression opportunities during student employee evaluations.

FREE MEALS - A free meal is provided for every shift you work. For students on the 5- or 7- day unlimited meal plan, a meal plan reimbursement is paid for each meal eaten while at work as long you meet the qualifications.

EXPERIENCE - Earn real work experience to put on your resume and a valuable reference for a job well done. The customer service, teamwork, time management and multitasking skills you will learn with us will be valuable no matter what career path you seek.

CONVENIENCE - Work schedules are compatible with course load and convenient work locations are within walking distance to all campus activities and residential facilities.

STUDENT MANAGEMENT - For those who are interested, opportunities for advancement and more leadership experience are available through our student management program.

Dining team member hands out a box of food.Thank you for your interest in Dining Services. To apply for a student position, please complete an application through You can access individual job postings by selecting from the list below.

Current Openings: