Taste of Home Bolton 2020


Grandma's Best Coffee Cake | from Gwyn Tanaka | a favorite of Katherine Tanaka
Cheesy Ham and Hash Browns | from Holly Grisamore | a favorite of Kyle Grisamore
Chunky Monkey Muffins | from Malea Glenn | a favorite of Stephen Glenn
Cowboy Sausage Gravy | from Jill Myers | a favorite of Troy Myers


Pork Marbella | from Stacy Fink | a favorite of Kirsten Fink
Roasted New Potatoes | from J Maresco | a favorite of Alyssa Maresco
Bhindi Masala Okra Curry | from Sushanta Saha | a favorite of Josh Saha
Shrimp Tortellini | from Laura Brown | a favorite of Kelly Brown
Sausage Peppers and Rice Casserole | from Catherine Brown | a favorite of Catherine Brown
Caribbean Jerk Chicken Tacos and Salsa | from Kerin Reed | a favorite of Caitlin Reed
Creamy Cauliflower | from Angie Geiger | a favorite of Shelby Geiger
Quick Asparagus and Lemon | from Rae Ann Bruno | a favorite of Trent Bruno

Lunch & Dinner

Cold String Beans | from Katherine Wickliffe | a favorite of Richard Wickliffe
Corbitt's Corn Meal Muffins | from Cindy Corbitt | a favorite of McKenley Corbitt
White Chocolate Raspberry Streusel Bars | from Richard Magahey | a favorite of Justin Magahey
Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Chicken | from Caroline Collier | a favorite of Elodie Collier
Creamy Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup | from Leslie Wagner | a favorite of Abigail Wagner
Southern Caviar | from Mimi Fox | a favorite of Jackson Fox


Roasted Broccoli | from Bobby Bang | a favorite of Kyler Bang
Buffet Potatoes | from Pattie Feltman | a favorite of Mycah Feltman
Sour Cream Pound Cake | from Tracie Greer | a favorite of Madison Greer
Fresh Tomato Basil Risotto with Mozzarella | from Kathy Serrano | a favorite of Isabel Serrano
Salmon with Dry Rub Extraordinaire | from Jennifer Dickson | a favorite of Jennifer Dickson
Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs | from Yolanda Reynoso | a favorite of Vanessa Reynoso
Spicy Asian Green Beans | from Susan Snyder | a favorite of Abigail Snyder
Yummy Pork | from Soo See Tan Lim | a favorite of Ananda Yin Chuen Lim
Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna | from Michele Tichenor | a favorite of Evan Tichenor
Pork Paprika | from Penny Killer | a favorite of Aidan Killer