UGA Eats

Graphic reading: UGA Eats, Dining Hall Hacks that will change your dining experience.

UGA Eats features innovative ways to expand your options in the Dining Commons using ingredients offered daily. Never again feel uninspired by a simple apple or feel blasé about your everyday bagel. Upgrade your favorites with these easy and simple Dining Commons Hacks to make the most of your meals. Inspired by students and staff alike, these ideas are fueled by people just like you so make sure to tag us @UGADining when you make your own unique creations in the Dining Commons!

Explore Salad Toppings

Want to expand your salad topping options? Check out the other stations in the dining commons to create your own unique dish! 


Sweet & Savory Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes two ways! Get creative in the dining halls with tons of delicious and healthy options for sweet and savory sweet potatoes. Download the Sweet & Savory Sweet Potatoes recipe here (PDF).


Waffle Parfait Tower

Forget everything you know about a typical yogurt parfait. This tower of deliciousness is sure to make your dining hall creativity soar. Download the Waffle Parfait Tower recipe here (PDF).


Apple Nachos

Looking for a sweet treat in the Dining Commons? Keep it healthy while satisfying your cravings with Apple Nachos! Try the "Healthy Crunch" or "Birthday Surprise" today! Download the Apple Nachos recipe here (PDF).


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ask anyone around UGA what they miss most about being on meal plan or at UGA and they will most likely mention the dining commons cookies baked fresh daily. Take your love of Dining Commons cookies to new heights with a custom Ice Cream Sandwich! Video tutorial includes recipes for a Classic, Neopolitan, Cookies & Cream and S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches. Download the Ice Cream Sandwiches recipe here (PDF).