Request a Meal Plan Change

You can modify your fall semester meal plan online beginning on December 6, 2023. 

Online modifications can be made through January 2, 2024. After January 2, 2024, you are required to submit a Meal Plan Change Request Form to make any additional changes to your plan.

Changes to your meal plan will not be allowed after January 12, 2024.

All Change Request Forms submitted prior to January 12 will still be processed.


How to Modify Your Meal Plan Online

  1. Log into your Dining Services Account.
  3. Click on “Meal Plan/PAW Points” on the left side of the page.
  5. Initial and Agree to the terms.
  7. Select “Spring.”
  9. Select “Add” if purchasing or “Manage” if making a change.
  11. Select what you wish to do:
    1. Change - If the meal plan option you wish to change to is not available, remove your current plan, then continue, then confirm. You will see a credit for the charge you removed. THEN, go back in and add the new meal plan, then continue, then confirm.
    3. Remove - if you wish to cancel your meal plan.
  13. Once you see a printable confirmation of your change/choice, you are set.

Please allow two business days for changes to post to your student account.