Dining Announcements

10-Block Meal Plan Extension Now Available

October 20, 2021

Meal plan participants on the 180-Block, Commuter, and Upper-Level plans with fewer than 10 blocks can now purchase additional blocks in increments of 10to extend their meal plan until the end of the semester. This enhancement provides the ability to add more meals at the current meal plan rate.

The opportunity for a 10-block extension will be added to the participant’s account management page each time they drop below 10 blocks and are eligible to add more.* The option to purchase additional blocks will continue to be available in future semesters.

Remember, blocks from the 180-Block, Commuter, and Upper-Level plans are non-refundable and do not roll from semester to semester or from year to year. This includes any blocks added later in the semester. It is to the customer’s advantage to use all of their blocks each semester so as to not forfeit any unused blocks.

If a meal plan participant runs out of blocks and does not wish to add 10 blocks to their account, they can still purchase individual meals at the dining commons by using tax-free Paw Points, cash, or credit/debit. A 10% discount off the cash price is available to students, faculty, and staff by showing a valid UGA OneCard at the register.

Check your balance here.

* Those wishing to add 10 blocks to their  meal plan should contact the our Customer Relations Specialist at (706) 542-1256 or dining@uga.edu.