Taste of Home

From your table to ours.

A photo collage of families whose recipes were featured at past Taste of Home events. 


A Dining TraditionTaste of Home Plate

Join us for our annual Taste of Home event on Thursday, March 21, 2024, and enjoy the favorite family recipes of UGA students in the dining commons! Snelling, O-House, Village Summit, Bolton, and the Niche (HSC) will serve a selection of family recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those who would like to participate by sending a small taste of home to campus should submit their recipe by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Since its start in 1987, Taste of Home has featured more than 3,000 family recipes in our dining commons. Every year, our culinary and nutrition staff select a wide variety of recipes to be served during the event.

Families of the selected recipes will receive a commemorative plate and two complimentary meal passes valid through the end of the 2024 spring semester. Recipes are featured during Taste of Home on Thursday, March 21, 2024.


2024 Winners


Overnight French Toast | from Karen Burnsed | a favorite of Ashley Burnsed 


Honey Garlic Salmon | from Rachel D’Angelo | a favorite of Megan D’Angelo 

Utah Potatoes | from Sara Butts | a favorite of Samara Stark

Baked Ziti (vegetarian) | from Marcy Kreindler | a favorite of Lily Kreindler

Sun Dance Chili | from Mary Martha Myette | a favorite of Andre Myette 

Lunch & Dinner

Chicken Taco Soup | from Jewelia Jacobs | a favorite of Imani Jacobs

Dawg Gone Good Smoked Salsa | from Jon & Heather Mayne | a favorite of Jake & Cori Mayne

Artichoke Salad | from LuAda Malcom | a favorite of Caroline Malcom

Apple Snickers Salad | from Julie Jacobs | a favorite of  Lauren Jacobs

Gluten and Dairy Free Apple and Blueberry Crisp | from Heather Mayne | a favorite of Cori & Jake Mayne 


Vegetable Pulao | from Asma Ahmad | a favorite of Waqas Ahmad

Harissa Cauliflower | from Jon Mayne | a favorite of Corianna Mayne

Homestyle Chicken Tender Bake | from Deb Papenhagen | a favorite of Tate Papenhagen

Pork Chops | from Bill Bryant | a favorite of Callie Bryant

Scotcheroos | from Jennifer Bengs | a favorite of Mercedes Bengs 


Nani’s Chocolate Gravy | from Ginger Tyra | a favorite of Olivia Tyra

Tator Tot Breakfast Casserole | from Melissa Smallwood | a favorite of Abigail Smallwood


Bharti’s Baked Beans Spaghetti | from Ekta Patel | a favorite of Nilay Patel

Onion Pie | from Amy Szumstein | a favorite of Salomon Szumstein

Creamy Boursin Chicken | from Melissa Smallwood | a favorite of Abigail Smallwood

Mom’s “Prize Winning” Chili | from Rene Lowrance | a favorite of Garrett Lowrance 

Lunch & Dinner

Pineapple Cookies  | from Stephanie Tishgarten | a favorite of Zachary Tishgarten

Korean Tofu Stew | from Carolyn Gandy | a favorite of Clark Gandy

Butterscotch Brownies | from Gwyn Finnell | a favorite of  Nathan Finnell


Rouladen mit Semmelknoedeln und Gemuese (German Beef Roulades with Bread Dumplings and Vegetables) | from Heide Harris | a favorite of Jessica Harris 

Bell Pepper Rice | from Lakshmi Malpati | a favorite of  Kedarnath Malapati 

Burger Bundles | from Elizabeth Madden | a favorite of Charlotte Madden 

Sara’s Mac & Cheese | from Susanne Polhill | a favorite of Jackson Polhill 


Ham and Cheese Quiche | from Christina Stanley | a favorite of Sarah Stanley

Mom’s Cranberry Breakfast Cake | from Monica Munn-Schreml | a favorite of Charlotte Schreml 


Creamy Onion Pork Tenderloin | from Mary Jo Ruane | a favorite of Brett Ruane

Party Potatoes | from Amy Chung | a favorite of Francesca Augelli

Rajma Curry | from Mona Batra | a favorite of Suchi Iyer

Oatmeal Carmelitas | from Tizrah Pichotta | a favorite of Joshua Pichotta

Lunch & Dinner

Kung Pao Tofu | from Carolyn Gandy | a favorite of Clark Gandy 

Garlic Green Beans | from Kendra Biegalski | a favorite of Kenneth Biegalski 

Tandoori Chicken | from Deborah Bowers | a favorite of Michael Bowers 

Southwest Chicken Pasta | from Kim Williams | a favorite of Miranda Williams 

Tofu Spinach Salad with Miso Dressing | from Rhonda Hills | a favorite of Charlton Hills 

Creamy Grape Salad | from Elizabeth Roth | a favorite of Ashton Roth  

Sweet Potato Dumplings | from Melissa Busbin | a favorite of EmmaLee Daniels 


Torta (Mexican Sandwich) | from Michelle Kaperek-Said | a favorite of Benjamin Said 

Sesame Garlic Ramen | from Christine Schweitzer | a favorite of Zoe Schweitzer 

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs | from Rhonda Hills | a favorite of Marin Hills 

Nana’s Chocolate Overload Cake | from Jonathan Roberts | a favorite of Luke Roberts 

All Day

6 Fruit Smoothie | from Tamala Foreman | a favorite of Mariah Jaeck 


Steamed Egg with Ground Pork | from Bei Li | a favorite of  Allie Gao 

Vegan, Gluten-Free Breakfast Scramble/Burrito | from Victoria Romero Clearfield | a favorite of Dylan Clearfield

Aebleskiver Pancakes | from Martine Lozano | a favorite of Olivia Lozano 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins | from Heather Henriques | a favorite of Amy Henriques 


Shrimp and Grits | from Rhonda Durden | a favorite of Phoebe Durden 

Swiss Enchiladas | from Martine Lozano | a favorite of Olivia Lozano 

Creamy Corn Casserole | from Wendy Norton | a favorite of Sam Norton

Parsley Rice | from Sudhakar Malapati | a favorite of Mohana Malapati 

Lasagne | from Christine Donadio | a favorite of Daniel Donadio 

Red Beans and Rice | from Rhonda Durden | a favorite of Phoebe Durden 

Can’t Stop | from Cathy Jones | a favorite of Bret Jones 

Lunch & Dinner

Forgotten Cookies | from Cathy Jones | a favorite of Bret Jones 


The Best Barbeque Pot Roast | from Kristin Powers | a favorite of  Andrew Powers 

Creamy Tuscan Chicken | from Janalyn Hart | a favorite of Evan Hart

Cheese Peas | from Wanda Morris | a favorite of Spencer Morris 

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes | from Melanie Hammond | a favorite of Kendall Smith 


John’s Favorite Breakfast Casserole | from Rebecca Titherington | a favorite of John Titherington


Rajma Curry | from Mona Batra | a favorite of Suchi Iyer

Garlic Green Beans | from Kendra Biegalski | a favorite of Kenneth Biegalski

Southwest Chicken Pasta | from Kim Williams | a favorite of Miranda Williams

Creamy Grape Salad | from Elizabeth Roth | a favorite of Ashton Roth

Nana’s Chocolate Overload Cake | from Jonathan Roberts | a favorite of Luke Roberts