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At UGA Dining Services we believe that listening to our customers is one of our primary strengths. It is important for us to know what you like, and what you don't. It is also important for you to know that if you have a question, an answer is not hard to find.

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Senior Administration

Bryan Varin
Executive Director
Susan van Gigch
Associate Director of Operations Support
(706) 542-8552
Cynthia Malcolm
Assistant Director of Business Services
(706) 542-7119
Jorge Noriega
Executive Chef
Art DiFrancesco
Associate Director of Retail Operations
(706) 340-4217
Danielle Bouton
Associate Director of Residential Dining
(706) 542-8552


Teresa Cash
Meal Plan Representative
(706) 542-7130
Katherine Ingerson, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian
(706) 542-7313
Katrina Pittman
Human Resources Coordinator
(706) 542-1281
Kathryn Flores
Human Resources Specialist
(706) 542-7124
Sammy Johnson
Facilities Manager
W. Brooks Oliver
Materials Manager
(706) 542-7050
Kris Ingmundson
Safety Coordinator
(706) 583-0851

Residential Dining Team

Bryan Haymans
Manager at Bolton Dining Commons
(706) 542-7153
Gregg Hudson
Manager at the Niche (Health Sciences Campus)
(706) 713-2665
Rob Irwin
Manager at Oglethorpe Dining Commons
(706) 542-7268
Kirti Leatham
Manager at the Village Summit
Darnell Tate Sr.
Manager at Snelling Dining Commons
(706) 542-7166

Culinary Team

Steven Graves
Chef at Retail Operations
(706) 542-5220
Bryan Haymans
Manager at Bolton Dining Commons
Don Law
Chef at Oglethorpe Dining Commons
Tim Neal
Chef at Snelling Dining Commons
Jorge Noriega
Executive Chef
Shelly Orozco-Marrs
Chef at Bolton Dining Commons
Sam Somar
Chef at the Village Summit
Darnell Tate Sr.
Manager at Snelling Dining Commons

Retail Dining Team

Christopher Fagan
Retail Operations Manager - Tate Center
(706) 542-8511
Tamala Foreman
Food Operations Manager for Satellite Operations
(706) 201-0791
Jessica Rogers
Campus Catering Manager
(706) 542-6990