Breakfast – Bakery
Jammy Scones from Wayne and Melanie Smith - A favorite of Samuel Smith from Roswell, GA
Poppy Seed Bread from Julie Bowling - A favorite of Adam Bowling from Powder Springs, GA
Breakfast – Entrées and Sides
Light and Fluffy Egg Casserole from Susan Raines - A favorite of Kevin Raines from Acworth, GA
Thai Banana Walnut Pancakes from Janet Grimm - A favorite of Spencer Grimm from Dahlonega, GA
Lunch – Appetizer
Heart Attacks! from Andrea Boswell - A favorite of Paul Boswell from Peachtree City, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Soups
Easy Tomato-Basil Soup from Celia Cogan - A favorite of Erin Cogan-Horner from Dallas, TX
Turkey Noodle Soup from Ellen Lerch Thomsen - A favorite of Caroline Thomsen from Salem, VA
Lunch and Dinner – Salads
Cucumber Salad from Carol Anne Braswell - A favorite of John Braswell from Mobile, AL
Refreshing Fall Salad from Dottie Cecil - A favorite of Ben Cecil from Alpharetta, GA
Middle Eastern Kidney Bean Salad from George Issa - A favorite of Alex J. Issa from Newnan, GA
Lunch – Entrées
Boiled Dinner from Jill Cassidy - A favorite of Caitlin Cassidy from Alpharetta, GA
Wet Burritos from Beth Bennett - A favorite of Kristi and Michael Bennett from Alpharetta, GA
Lunch – Side Dishes
Baked Butternut Squash with Thyme from Kathy Worth - A favorite of Melissa Worth from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Dad’s Broccoli and Onion Casserole from Larry Edwards - A favorite of Carly Edwards from Atlanta, GA
Barley and Wild Mushrooms from Jenny Mittelman - A favorite of Sydney Thompson from Atlanta, GA
Lunch – Vegetarian Entrée
Olive Feta Pasta from Sam and Debbie DiMercurio - A favorite of Nicole DiMercurio from Suwanee, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Pizza
Pesto Pizza from Joanne Lorys - A favorite of Meredith Lorys from Roswell, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Bread
Herb Rolls from Tina Ingall - A favorite of Kathryn Ingall from Marietta, GA
Lunch – Desserts
Applesauce Cake from Ann Thomas - A favorite of Michael Thomas from Alpharetta, GA
Cappuccino Brownies from Mary Eckhardt - A favorite of Laura Eckhardt from Peachtree City, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Desserts
Famous Noodle Pudding with Graham Cracker Crumble from Carol Schemo - A favorite of Joey Schemo from Roswell, GA
Cranberry Crisp from Karen Granrose - A favorite of Daniel Rodriguez Granrose from Roswell, GA
Butterfinger Cookies from Suzanne Phillips - A favorite of Austin Phillips from Gainesville, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Smoothie
Pina Colada Smoothie from Teresa Taylor - A favorite of Ty Taylor from Peachtree City, GA
Dinner – Appetizer
Jalapeno Popper Spread from Missy Braden - A favorite of Trevor and Nicole Wilson from Monticello, GA
Dinner – Entrées
Grilled Flank Steaks in Moroccan Spices from Dawn Crockett - A favorite of Kaitlyn Crockett from Thomasville, PA
Holiday Ham from Denise DeBerardino - A favorite of Anna DeBerardino from Tyrone, GA
Chicken and Broccoli Casserole from Cheryl Kirchoff - A favorite of Alice Kirchoff from Baton Rouge, LA
Dinner – Side Dishes
Asparagus with Leeks and New Potatoes from Kim Castang - A favorite of Katiana Castang from Newnan, GA
Green Bean Casserole from Laura Bennewitz - A favorite of John Bennewitz from Watkinsville, GA
Marg’s Fancy Baked Beans from Marcia McNichols - A favorite of Kelly McNichols from Naperville, IL
Dinner – Vegetarian Entrée
Rice-Lentil Lasagna from Kerin Reed - A favorite of Brian Reed from Duluth, GA
Dinner – Desserts
Pineapple Pudding Cake from Candace Breeden - A favorite of Kelly Breeden from Marietta, GA
Nonie’s Chocolate Pie from LeLe Dean - A favorite of Kassidy Dean from Rocky Face, GA
Raspberry Continental Cake from Cindy Dunn - A favorite of Meg Dunn from Midland, GA