Oatmeal Fruit Bars from Teresa Holland - a favorite of Natalie Holland from Cumming, GA
Breakfast Casserole Supreme from Diane West - a favorite of Cary F. West from Cumming, GA
Spicy Hash Brtowns from Diane Whatley - a favorite of Melissa Whatley from Griffin, GA
Meatless Tamale Pie from Judy Manganiello - a favorite of Gloria Tempka from Alpharetta, GA
Rice and Sausage Stuffing - Asian Style from Diana O'Sullivan - a favorite of Gregory O'Sullivan from Alpharetta, GA
Lemon-Lime Chicken Breast from Dennis and Sue Purdin - a favorite of Heather Purdin from Andalusia, AL
Shrimp and Green Noodles from Pauly McNeely - a favorite of Leslile McNeely from Hagan, GA
Yum um Macaroni Casserole from Peggy Y. Smith - a favorite of William Zachary Smith from Jesup, GA
Oven Baked Red Potatoes from Deborah Collins - a favorite of Jared Collins from Guyton, GA
Pineapple Casserole from India Brown-Cowart - a favorite of Shayna Brown from Warner Robins, GA
Toll House Marble Squares from Marcia N. Knox - a favorite of Linsey A. Knox from Brentwood, TN
Cherry Delight from jackie Brantly - a favorite of Ashley Brantly from Columbus, GA
Custard Frosting from Sandra Robertson - a favorite of Elliott and Emily Robertson from Douglasville, GA
Lunch and Dinner
Texas Pico de Gallo from Fran Marston - a favorite of Bobby Marston from Roswell, GA
Raspberry Cream Salad from Shauna Yardley - a favorite of Nicole Yardley from Roswell, GA
South Georgia Chicken Salad Supreme from Nanette Eisenhard - a favorite of Emily Eisenhart from Statesboro, GA
Fettucini alla Emily from Ginger Amoni - a favorite of Emily Amoni from Atlanta, GA
Smoked Turkey Apple Salad from Linda O'Connor - a favorite of Caitlyn O'Connor from Lawrenceville, GA
Aunt Penny's Cobbler from Nancy Johnson - a favorite of Amy Johnson from Marietta, GA
Mom's Vegetable Soup from Faith Pasley - a favorite of James L. pasley from Roanoke, VA
Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup from Carol Kerr - a favorite of Chelsea Kerr from Alpharetta, GA
Spin ach Tapada from Gloria Jacobson - a favorite of Leah Jacobson from Decatur, GA
Chicken Milano from Theresa Nossett - a favorite of Lauren Nossett from Roswell, GA
Sharried Crab Quiche from Diana Surratt - a favorite of Laurel Surratt from Peachtree City, GA
My Mom's Baked Ziti from Jane Major - a favorite of Amanda Leigh Major from Fayetteville, GA
Caramelized Onion Potato Gratin from Toby Vondersaar - a favorite of Haley Vondersaar from Roswell, GA
Granny Troha's Squash Casserole from Marla Troha - a favorite of Ryan M. Troha from Hinesville, GA
Macaroni and Cheese from Phyllis S. Clary - a favorite of Virginia Clary from Lilburn, GA
Mimi's Apple Pie from Bobbi Prieto - a favorite of Karl Enchelmayer from Jacksonville, FL
Ben's Favorite Peanut Butter Bars from Theresa Frerking - a favorite of Ben Frerking from Woodstock, GA