Blended Burgers

Blended Burgers on the Menu

Infographic about blended burgers.

UGA Dining Services, with support from the Office of Sustainability, introduced Blended Burgers at O-House and The Niche (on the Health Sciences Campus) in the spring of 2019. Blended Burgers are a flavorful, sustainable and healthier blend of ­burger comprised of 70 percent beef and 30 percent roasted mushroom.

Using mushrooms in a Blended Burger complements the flavor and texture of the beef as they cook and add moisture to enhance the hamburger’s flavor. Beef-mushroom burgers can also be lower in calories and saturated fat than all-beef burgers, making them a healthier choice. In addition to providing nutrition benefits, replacing 30 percent of the beef in burgers with mushrooms reduces agricultural production-related greenhouse gas emissions, irrigation water demand, and global agricultural land demand.

Traditional burgers are available at Bolton, Snelling, and Village Summit.