Christmas Breakfast Casserole from Gerri and Ralph Bell - a favorite of Elizabeth Bell from Marietta, GA
Orange Bran Muffins from Beth Kennedy - a favorite of Molly Kennedy from Madison, MS
Bean-Corn Casserole from Sarah Anderson - a favorite of Philip Anderson from Kennesaw, GA
Herbed Rice from Laura Bennewitz - a favorite of Tom Bennewitz from Watkinsville, GA
Teriyaki Green Beans from Susan Bussey - a favorite of Malachi E. Bussey from Hampton, GA
Yo Mama’s Meatloaf from Susan Graniero - a favorite of Salliann Graniero from Patchogue, NY
Asparagus Casserole from Anita Heath - a favorite of Jessi Heath from Evans, GA
Big Bubba’s Chocolate Delight from Cindy & Lou Moore - a favorite of Lee G. Moore from Brooks, GA
Grilled Salmon from Cary Speaker - a favorite of Edward Speaker from Birmingham, AL
Lunch and Dinner
Blueberry Delight from Jill Adams - a favorite of Erin Adams from Bowdon, GA
Mexican Corn Chowder from Daria Ficco - a favorite of Katie Ficco from Duluth, GA
Brisage from Joyce Hall - a favorite of Sara K. Hall from Lithonia, GA
Poppy Seed Cake from Debra Kessler - a favorite of Julie Kessler from Charlottesville, VA
Vegetable Soup from Janice Simonton - a favorite of Emily Simonton from Atlanta, GA
Stromboli from Martha Welch - a favorite of Ellen Welch from Madison, GA
Zucchini Milano from Cindy Dickerson - a favorite of Lesley Anne Dickerson from Loganville, GA
Tasty & Tangy Chicken from Laura Black Fair - a favorite of Juanita Fair from Watkinsville, GA
Hawaiian Grilled Pork Chops from Susan Laubacher - a favorite of Allison Laubacher from Marietta, GA
Tomato Soup Cake from Bill & Beth Otto - a favorite of William Alex Otto from Loganville, GA
Texas Chili Pie from Debbie Schneider - a favorite of Joel Schneider from Sharpsburg, GA
Potato Casserole Crunch from Lynn Sosebee - a favorite of Lee Sosebee from LaGrange, GA
Cowboy Pot Roast from Lynn Van Der Noord - a favorite of Kyle Van Der Noord from Simpsonville, SC
Chocolate Chip Pie from Gail & Richard Weatherby - a favorite of Rich Weatherby from Canton, GA
Baked Pineapple with Cheese from Susan Wexler - a favorite of Laura Wexler from Martinez, GA