Coconut Muffins from Debbie Raessler - a favorite of Drew Raessler from Woodstock, GA.
Pumpkin Pancakes from Terri Steiner - a favorite of Bonnie Steiner from Marietta, GA.
Cranberry Breakfast Casserole from Kathryn Hechenbleikner - a favorite of Mary Evelyn Gray from Atlanta, GA.
Lewis Meyer’s Chicken from Barbara Brandenburgh - a favorite of Matthew Brandenburgh from Columbus, GA.
Chocolate Layered Delight from Jan Krafka - a favorite of Kyle Krafka from Marietta, GA.
Pork Tenderloin in Herbed Balsamic Marinade from Dawn Craddock - a favorite of Emily Craddock from Charlotte, NC.
Apple and Cheese Casserole from Devon Brooks - a favorite of Alison Woodworth from Dalton, GA.
Poppy Seed Ham Rolls from Emily Powell - a favorite of Nathan Powell from Lawrenceville, GA.
Brown Rice from Becky Cross - a favorite of Ann Cross from Rabun Gap, GA.
Honey Bun Cake from Debbie Brown - a favorite of Nolan Brown from Albany, GA.
Green Bean Casserole from Wendy & Jerry Corbett - a favorite of Cody Corbett from Sandpoint, ID.
Summer Spaghetti from Michaela Thompson & Barry Strauss - a favorite of Cody Thompson from Gainesville, GA.
Artichoke Dip from Marlene Jaklitsch - a favorite of Alyssa Jaklitsch from Charlotte, NC.
Lunch and Dinner
Emily’s Favorite Pasta Salad from Joan First - a favorite of Emily First from Atlanta, GA.
Watermelon Salad from Marcia McNichols - a favorite of Kelly McNichols from Naperville, IL.
Southwest Salad from Pamela Nix - a favorite of David Nix from Stone Mountain, GA.
Taco Soup from Rita Brown - a favorite of Kristina Brown from Alpharetta, GA.
Tofu Soup Supreme from Melanie Danch-Powell - a favorite of Kristen Danch-Powell from Roswell, GA.
Great Grandma’s Apple Crisp from Jeanne Peoples - a favorite of Bonnie Krider from Marietta, GA.
Cheesy ‘B’ Cornbread from Sarah Chalpan - a favorite of Kevin Chalpan from Atlanta, GA.
Zucchini Bread from Jacqueline Brantley & Grandfather James Chipman, SR. - a favorite of Ashley Brantley from Columbus, GA.
Mama’s Peach Cobbler from Heather deRojas - a favorite of Haley deRojas from Covington, GA.
Root Beer Cookies from Colleen Thiel - a favorite of Jonathan Thiel from Alpharetta, GA.
Honey Pecan Chicken from Susan Shoer - a favorite of Alex Shoer from Gainesville, GA.
Southern Shrimp & Wild Rice Casserole from Ruth Bramlett - a favorite of Leigh Ann Bramlett from Suches, GA.
Coca-Cola Roast from Port Kaufman - a favorite of Samantha Kaufman from Norcross, GA.
Tater Tot Treat from Bill & Cindy Knoll - a favorite of Corian Weiglein from Lilburn, GA.
Grilled Portabella Panini from Barbara Svich - a favorite of Darla Svich from Lilburn, GA.
Baked Vidalia Onion Casserole from Beth Edwards - a favorite of Ren Edwards from Kinston, NC.
Broccoli Casserole from Barbara Brice -  a favorite of Heather Brice from Duluth, GA.
Banana Butterscotch Crumble from Jane Layman - a favorite of Reece Layman from Ellijay, GA.
Rhyne’s Fruit Dip from Carol Andrews - a favorite of Rhyne Andrews from Raleigh, NC.
Bulldog White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake from Sondra Jean Medley - a favorite of Morgan Greer Medley from Monroe, GA.