If my classes are cancelled for non-payment and I have a meal plan, is my meal plan cancelled or will I be denied access to the dining commons?

If your classes are cancelled, you may continue to dine up until re-instatement of your classes is no longer available. You will receive an email from Dining Services advising that your meal plan is in jeopardy of being cancelled. If your meal plan is cancelled due to non-payment, you will be denied access to the dining commons and you will owe the Bursar the payment on your meal plan.

If I'm on the meal plan, but have a conflict such as student teaching, studying abroad, an approved internship or graduation during one semester, how do I handle this?

If you will be on the meal plan for Fall semester, but one of these conflicts occurs during Spring semester then go ahead and sign up for the academic year contract. Once charges have posted to your account for Spring semester (usually late October or early November), visit the Dining Service Admin Office on the lower level of Snelling Dining Commons. If you are student teaching or studying abroad, you will need to bring documentation from your advisor verifying the conflict. If you are graduating, you will need to fill out a verification form in our office.

If I did not have a meal plan in Fall semester but get one for Spring semester, what is my financial and time commitment?

You are responsible for only one-half of the total academic year meal price - one semester's cost only. Your meal plan agreement will expire on the last day of Spring semester meal plan service. Your academic year meal plan will not carry over to the Summer or Fall semester.  



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