Pumpkin Bread from Jane Scurich - a favorite of Scott Scurich from Mill Valley, CA
Breakfast Pizza from Donna Resetar - a favorite of Keith Resetar from Norcross, GA
Orange Ricotta Pancakes from Christine Novell - a favorite of Jen and Corinne Novell from Granite Springs, NY
Pasta Raphael from Carmen Abernathy - a favorite of Whitney Abernathy from Marietta, GA
Shrimp Feta from Mary Meade Sipple - a favorite of Sarah Sipple from Savannah, GA
German Goulash from Sharon E. Waldrep - a favorite of Laura E. Waldrepfrom Smyrna, GA
Balsamic Pork from Paula Pickens - a favorite of Rob Pickens from Auburn, AL
Sweet Potato Crunch from Laura Byrd - a favorite of Lauren Byrd from Perry, GA
Spinach Madeline from Shirley Tharp - a favorite of Ryan Tharp from Grovetown, GA
Corn Casserole from Terry Saint - a favorite of Matt Saint from Cumming, GA
Delta Velvet Dessert from Debi Hochgertle - a favorite of Keri Hochgertle from Lawrenceville, GA
Swedish Spice Cake from Rene Griffith - a favorite of Chris Griffith from Peachtree City, GA
Lunch and Dinner
Taco Soup from Diane Melvin - a favorite of Lauren Melvin from Macon, GA
Cod Bouillabaisse from Crystal Awadalla - a favorite of David Awadalla from Marietta, GA
Unforgettable Green Salad from Nancy Jackson - a favorite of Keith Jackson from Peachtree City, GA
Santa's Christmas Salad from Cathy Mammola - a favorite of Dan & Matt Mammola from Cumming, GA
Thai Seame Noodles from Peggy Schnitzer - a favorite of Casey Schnitzer from Peachtree City, GA
Cheese Garlic Biscuits from Killeen Jenson - a favorite of Amanda Jenson from Rabun Gap, GA
Great Grandma's Sweet Cornbread from Barbara Tonn - a favorite of Eric Tonn from Madison, AL
Cranberry Apple Casserole from Carol Hill - a favorite of Catherine Hill from Canton, GA
Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies from Pam Edwards - a favorite of Carrie Edwards from Calhoun, GA
Texas Pico de Gallo from Fran Marston - a favorite of Bobby Marston from Roswell, GA
Raspberry Cream Salad from Shauna Yardley - a favorite of Nicole Yardley from Roswell, GA
South Georgia Chicken Salad Supreme from Nanette Eisenhard - a favorite of Emily Eisenhart from Statesboro, GA
Fettucini alla Emily from Ginger Amoni - a favorite of Emily Amoni from Atlanta, GA
Smoked Turkey Apple Salad from Linda O'Connor - a favorite of Caitlyn O'Connor from Lawrenceville, GA
Aunt Penny's Cobbler from Nancy Johnson - a favorite of Amy Johnson from Marietta, GA
Mom's Vegetable Soup from Faith Pasley - a favorite of James L. Pasley from Roanoke, VA
Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup from Carol Kerr - a favorite of Chelsea Kerr from Alpharetta, GA
Vidalia Onion Pie from Mary Bolinger - a favorite of George D. II Bolinger from Brunswick, GA
Hudgin's Crab Cakes from Elissa Vanaver - a favorite of David Lyskowski from Coral Gables, FL
Cubed Steak Parmesan from Charlene McGuirk - a favorite of Michael McGuirk from Roswell, GA
Crispy Chicken w/ Honey Dipping Sauce from Sara Chiego - a favorite of Chris Chiego from Memphis, TN
Sour Cream Potatoes from Lila A. Blake - a favorite of Jarrett Roux from Atlanta, GA
Squash Casserole from Lynn Bloodworth - a favorite of Drew Bloodworth from Macon, GA
Italian Style Green Beans from Toni Hobson - a favorite of Brad Hobson from Evans, GA
Coconut-Sour Cream Layer Cake from Stacy Wills - a favorite of Joseph P. Wills from St. Simons Island, GA
Dad's Triple Berry Parfait from Randy Royal - a favorite of Ryan Royal from Stone Mountain, GA