Mim’s Coffee Cake from Lee Finley - a favorite of Grace Kimmerlein from Camino, CA.
Sausage Breakfast Casserole from Sharon Smith - a favorite of Emily Smith from Brunswick, GA.
Hash Brown Casserole from Charlotte Mann - a favorite of Avery Marie Mann from Norcross, GA.
Multigrain Buttermilk Pancakes from Cathy McCartan - a favorite of Jenna McCartan from Newark, DE.
Mushroom Ratatouille from Sharon Cain - a favorite of Paige Cain from Dunwoody, GA.
Steak Soup from Susan Kapelina - a favorite of Jaclyn Kapelina from Cumming, GA.
Baby Back Ribs from Terri Turner - a favorite of Jill Turner from Tyrone, GA.
Smothered Chicken from Angie Evans - a favorite of Kristin Evans from Alpharetta, GA.
Herb Cheddar Biscuits from Chancy Kapp - a favorite of Katie Kapp from Raleigh, NC.
Seashells w/ Spinach & Chicken from Wendy Jarrett - a favorite of Alexander Jarrett from Marietta, GA.
Tomato Pie from Tina & Dennis Lales - a favorite of Helen Lales from Savannah, GA.
Cheddar Potato Casserole from Lisa Rios - a favorite of Ashley Rios from Peachtree City, GA.
Seashell Pasta Salad from Carol Underwood - a favorite of Claire Underwood from Marietta, GA.
Calico Beans from Patti Daniel - a favorite of Maggie Daniel from Charlotte, NC.
Lunch and Dinner
Pumpkin Roll from Nancy Stanley - a favorite of Leah Stanley from Vidalia, GA.
Whipping Cream Pound Cake from Sandi Croy - a favorite of Jonathan Croy from Kingsland, GA.
Cherry Filled White Chocolate Blondies from Laura DeLisi - a favorite of Kimberly DeLisi from Fairfax, VA.
Shrimp & Corn Chowder from Jeanne Szczechowski - a favorite of Krystyna Szczechowski from Bay Saint Louis, MS.
Grilled Garlic Pork Chops from Monica McCloy - a favorite of Malorie Ann McCloy from Snellville, GA.
Bistro Chicken w/ Feta from Connie Hardaway - a favorite of Katie Hardaway from Suwanee, GA.
Bulldog’s BBQ Brisket from Sherry Mayer - a favorite of Jennifer Mayer from Baton Rouge, LA.
“Khachapuri” Georgian Cheese Bread from Barbara Kimbrough - a favorite of Erin Marie Kimbrough from Jonesborough, TN.
Four Cheese Pasta from Frannie Reece - a favorite of Rachel Reece from Alpharetta, GA.
Sweet & Sour Green Beans from Susan Boland - a favorite of Michael Boland from Buford, GA.
Cheese Stuffed Zucchini from Nancy Hasbun - a favorite of Ernest Hasbun from Carrollton, GA.
Crawfish Cornbread Dressing from Beth Dean - a favorite of Ethan Dean from Comer, GA.
Holiday Jell-O Salad from Claudia Quandt - a favorite of Jessica Quandt from Madison, AL.
Guinness Cake from Shari Ulrich - a favorite of Nathan Ulrich from Kennesaw, GA.
Easy Black Bean Lasagna from Jim & Janna Falle - a favorite of Marah Falle from Lilburn, GA.