Breakfast – Bakery
Pineapple Upside-Down Muffins from Kathleen Simcoe - A favorite of Laura Simcoe from Atlanta, GA
Honey Bun Cake from Karen L. Locke - A favorite of Gregory A. Locke from Kennesaw, GA
Breakfast – Entrées
Alison’s Ham & Grits from Alison Bowles - A favorite of Carter Bowles from Augusta, GA
Crème Brulée French Toast from Jennifer Davis - A favorite of Whitney Davis from Kennesaw, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Soups
Mexican Corn Soup from Ania & Stephen Bender - A favorite of Aaron Bender from Beaumont, TX
Borscht from Irina Snyderman - A favorite of Leeza Snyderman from Dunwoody, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Salads
Betsy’s Salad from Kim Boyd - A favorite of Kathryn Boyd from Atlanta, GA
Asian Chicken Salad from Elaine Cleveland - A favorite of Anna Cleveland from Buford, GA
Grape Salad from Lynda Smith - A favorite of Chelsea G. Smith from Woodstock, GA
Lunch – Entrées
Pepper Steak from Cindy Edwards - A favorite of Joe Edwards from Savannah, GA
Southwestern Chicken from Jill Curtis - A favorite of Lindley Curtis from Jonesboro, GA
Lunch – Vegetarian Entrée
Baked Couscous with Spinach and Pine Nuts from Kathy Brooker - A favorite of Hannah Brooker from Canton, GA
Lunch – Side Dishes
Savory Roasted New Potatoes from Mark & Ellen Lange - A favorite of Bethany Lange from Atlanta, GA
Baked Fresh Asparagus from Leigh Grant - A favorite of Michael Grant from Forsyth, GA
Southern Squash Casserole from Sheila Patterson - A favorite of Taylor Marie Patterson from Thomaston, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Bread
Sour Cream Cornbread from Julia Wenzell - A favorite of John Wenzell from Marietta, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Dessert Cookie
Snickerdoodles from Anne McCollum - A favorite of David McCollum and Neil McCollum from Roswell, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Dessert Cobbler
Irish Apple Crumble from Gena Hampton - A favorite of Kam Kamerschen from Duluth, GA
Lunch – Desserts
Fabulous Holiday Strawberry Cake from Maranah Sauter - A favorite of Madeline Sauter from LaGrange, GA
Chocolate Cheesecake from Linda Smith - A favorite of Taylor Rebecca Smith from Milledgeville, GA
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Smoothie
Vanilla-Banana and Orange Smoothie from Nancy Gawron - A favorite of Andrew Gawron from Alpharetta, GA
Dinner – Entrées
Red Beans and Rice from Shelia R Johnson - A favorite of Robert D. Johnson from Augusta, GA
BBQ Brisket from Lea Bush - A favorite of Jenna Bush from Brentwood, TN
Fish That Doesn’t Taste Fishy from Dr. Qaiser Mukhtar - A favorite of Munir Winkel from Atlanta, GA
Dinner – Vegetarian Entrée
Ravioli Lasagna from Jenny Hosch - A favorite of Kelly Hosch from Chesterfield, MO
Dinner – Side Dishes 
Joy’s Potato Casserole from Patti Goodson - A favorite of Tyler Goodson from Valdosta, GA
Easy Artichoke and Green Bean Casserole from Lisa Lewis - A favorite of Matt Lewis from Dallas, TX
Ratatouille from Marcia McNichols - A favorite of Kelly McNichols from Naperville, IL
Dinner – Desserts
Blonde Brownies from Debbie R. Smith - A favorite of W. Alex Smith from Marietta, GA
Chocolate Chess Pie from Susan Rikard - A favorite of Allison Rikard from Snellville, GA