Breakfast – Bakery
Zucchini Bread from Lucy Carr - A favorite of Hunter Carr from Tyler, TX
Breakfast – Entrées and Sides
Chorizo Breakfast Burritos from Tom and Charmaine MacKenzie - A favorite of Jesse MacKenzie from Lawrenceville, GA
Pannekoeken (Dutch Pancakes) from Linda Smith - A favorite of Taylor Rebecca Smith from Milledgeville, GA
Spicy Cheese Grits from Amy Jordon - A favorite of Ben Jordon from Calhoun, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Appetizer
BBQ Chicken Wings from Susan Dibble - A favorite of Michael Dibble from Roswell, GA
Black-eyed Pea Salsa from Virginia Gaston - A favorite of William Gaston from Dahlonega, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Soups
Potato-Cheese Soup from Anne Danish - A favorite of Elizabeth Danish from Roswell, GA
Southwestern Chicken Soup from Debbie Phillips - A favorite of Jessica Carter from Carrollton, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Salads
Taffy Apple Salad from Pam Betz - A favorite of William Betz from Dunwoody, GA
Fab Spinach Salad from Amy Dever - A favorite of Hayes Dever from Macon, GA
Black Bean and Couscous Salad from Lisa Martin - A favorite of James Martin from Alpharetta, GA
Lunch – Entrées
Chicken with Big Dog Cherry Sauce from Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Medley - A favorite of Morgan Greer Medley from Monroe, GA
Tilapia with Parmesan and Dill from Janice and Gene Lock - A favorite of Rachel Lock from Duluth, GA
Lunch – Side Dishes
Baked English Macaroni and Cheese from Lindy Lukert - A favorite of Phil D. Lukert III from Villa Rica, GA
Butterbeans and Bacon from Jill Deveny - A favorite of Cody Deveny from Senoia, GA
Spinach and Artichoke Casserole from Joyce Brown - A favorite of Jordan Brown from Trion, GA
Lunch – Vegetarian Entrée
Zucchini Chili from Cathie Rogers - A favorite of John “Jay” Rogers from Atlanta, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Salsa Fresca Entrée
Vegetarian Mexican Casserole from Barbara Cubic - A favorite of Savannah Lazarus from White Plains, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Hot & Spicy Entrée
Spicy Honey-Brushed Chicken Thighs from Dawn Wilson - A favorite of Kathleen Wilson from Marietta, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Bread
Onion – Cheese Muffins from Teresa Taylor - A favorite of Ty Taylor from Peachtree City, GA
Lunch – Desserts
Grandma’s Poppy Seed Cake from Jan Ernest - A favorite of Justin Ernest from Atlanta, GA
Butterfinger Blitz from Sheila Vawter - A favorite of Katie Vawter from Douglasville, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Desserts
Big Soft Ginger Cookies from Debbie Smith - A favorite of W. Alex Smith from Marietta, GA
Callie’s Favorite Cranberry Apples from Janet Kennedy - A favorite of Callie Kennedy from Atlanta, GA
Dinner – Entrées
Crispy Sesame Chicken from Cindy Edwards - A favorite of Joe Edwards from Savannah, GA
Slow Cooker Beef Cubes with Mushrooms from Roger Colden - A favorite of Caroline Colden from Dunwoody, GA
Apricot Pork Chops from Betsy Hall - A favorite of Kevin Hall from Lilburn, GA
Dinner – Side Dishes
Corn Pudding from Karen Granrose Friend - A favorite of Daniel Rodriguez Granrose from Roswell, GA
Baked Spinach from Laura Bennewitz - A favorite of John Bennewitz from Watkinsville, GA
Mom’s Squash Casserole from Sara Giannakakis - A favorite of Andy Giannakakis from Brunswick, GA
Dinner – Vegetarian Entrée
Lentils and Rice from Caroline Walker - A favorite of Charlotte Walker from Dallas, TX
Dinner – Desserts
Peppermint Brownies from Susan Costardo - A favorite of Jeff Costardo from Sugar Hill, GA
Lowfat Strawberry Yogurt Pie from Ellen Fix - A favorite of Raphael Fix from Doraville, GA