Breakfast – Bakery
Fried Raisin Pies from Jackie Brantley - A favorite of Amanda Brantley from Columbus, GA
Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Beverly Patton - A favorite of Grier Patton from San Antonio, TX
Breakfast – Entrées and Sides
Breakfast Cheesy Rice from Sheila Murphy - A favorite of Clyde Murphy from Columbus, GA
Amy Taylor’s Apple Cinnamon French Toast from Wendy Sullivan - A favorite of Ryan Sullivan from Marietta, GA
Lunch – Appetizer
Rattlesnake Dip from Russell Knick

A favorite of Maddison Knick from Commerce, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Soups
Supereasy Tortilla Soup from Vonda Wiebe - A favorite of Brennen Salmon from Snellville, GA
Lentil Soup from Ginger Smith - A favorite of Emily Smith from Columbus, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Salads
Apple-Pear Salad with Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing from Susan Lilley - A favorite of Daniel Lilley from Duluth, GA
Pasta Salad from Stacy Reynolds - A favorite of Blake Reynolds from Evans, GA
Mini Caprese Salad from Maureen Murphy - A favorite of Ian Murphy from Alpharetta, GA
Lunch – Entrées
Hamburger Tater Tot Casserole from Greta Kelley Wright - A favorite of Kellyn L. Wright from Perry, GA
Shrimp ‘n Grits from Karen McLeod - A favorite of Erin McLeod from Perry, GA
Lunch – Side Dishes
Anchovy Green Beans from Debbie and Rick Snelling - A favorite of Madison Snelling from San Antonio, TX
Curried Tomato and Okra Stew from Jessica D. Dark - A favorite of Melanie Dark from Norcross, GA
Wild Rice Dish from Donna Kinsman - A favorite of Samuel Kinsman from Woodstock, GA
Lunch – Vegetarian Entrée
Mopo Tofu from Shali Zhang - A favorite of Wenlan Ma from Martinez, GA
Lunch – Pizza
Salmon Pizza from Margaret Lane - A favorite of Jeff Lane from Atlanta, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Bread
Broccoli Bread from Cindy Hardy - A favorite of Robert Adam Hardy from Washington, GA
Lunch – Desserts
Hershey’s Chocolate Cake from Jane Robbins - A favorite of Patrick Robbins from Stone Mountain, GA
Fresh Blueberry Cream Pie from Katie Simmons - A favorite of Matthew Simmons from Gainesville, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Desserts
Banana Bread Pudding w/ Bourbon Ginger Sauce from Caroline and Dutch Bickley - A favorite of Katherine M. Bickley from Marietta, GA
Hot Fudge Pudding Cake from Linda Sparks - A favorite of Andrew Sparks from Douglasville, GA
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Christine Brady - A favorite of Allison Brady from Marietta, GA
Dinner – Appetizer
Fantastic Franks from Jesse W. Peavy - A favorite of Lindsay Peavy from Cochran, GA
Dinner – Entrées
Grilled Steak with Mushroom Piquant from Sherry A. Walker - A favorite of Katelyn E. Snell from Augusta, GA
Garlic Rosemary Parmesan Crusted Trout from Dr. Qaiser Mukhtar - A favorite of Munir Winkel from Atlanta, GA
Mom’s Mac and Cheese Pittsburgh Style from Jill Deveny - A favorite of Cody Deveny from Senoia, GA
Dinner – Side Dishes
Sautéed Spinach from Susan Nock - A favorite of Kristyn Nock from Lawrenceville, GA
Aunt Kelly’s Blue Cheese Asparagus from Lisa Bernardin - A favorite of Elizabeth Bernardin from Columbia, S.C
Sweet Potato Surprise from Elsa Wade - A favorite of Mark Wade Jr. from Kennesaw, GA
Dinner – Vegetarian Entrée
Triple Red Linguine from Jan Hicks - A favorite of Jennifer Hicks from Evans, GA
Dinner – Pizza
Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Amy Rogers - A favorite of Jeff Rogers from Lawrenceville, GA
Dinner – Desserts
Grandma’s Apple Cake from Beth Locandro - A favorite of Nicole Locandro from Kennesaw, GA
“It’s My Birthday” Cake from Ellen Morris - A favorite of Caitlin, Kyle and Gordy Morris from Monroe, GA
Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce from Vera Lynn Sheets - A favorite of Ryan Sheets from Mobile, AL