Breakfast - Bakery

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins – from Susan Vardeman – A favorite of Ansley Vardeman of Young Harris, GA

Zucchini Bread – from Janice Detz – A favorite of Martyn Detz of Woodstock, GA
Breakfast - Entrée

Bacon & Broccoli Quiche – from Allison Lewis – A favorite of Maddi Lewis of Athens, GA

Aunt Doll’s Brunch Casserole – from David & Amy King – A favorite of Molly King of Columbia, SC
Lunch – Appetizer

Sweet, Spicy & Flavorful Wings – from David Billins – A favorite of Destini Billins of Stockbridge, GA
Lunch - Bread

Sausage Cornbread – from Julie Smith – A favorite of Jackson Rodgers of Decatur, GA
Lunch – Entrée

Baked Asian Tilapia – from Rod & Linda Fagan – A favorite of Madeline Fagan of Los Gatos, CA

Spice Crusted Pork Tenderloin – from Cissy Jackson – A favorite of Will Jackson of Birmingham, AL
Lunch – Vegetarian Entrée

Grandma Joan’s Tealla – from Suzanne Summers – a favorite of Austin Summers of Atlanta, GA
Lunch – Side

Savory Rice Casserole – from Sheila Wakeley – A favorite of Katherine Wakeley of Valdosta, GA

Baked Rigatoni w/Collard Greens – from Gail Jarvis – A favorite of Blake Jarvis of Suwanee, GA

Broccoli Cheese Casserole – from Shannon Perry-Martinez – A favorite of Elizabeth Martinez of Weston, FL
Lunch and Dinner – Salad

Guacamole Salad – from Jeanne DeReuil – A favorite of Mary Clare DeReuil of Pensacola, FL

Fall Autumn Salad – from Janice Brock – A favorite of Andy Brock of Loganville, GA

Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad – from Cindy Wolfe – A favorite of Amanda Wolfe of  Evans, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Toss of the Day

Lydia’s Greek Salad – from Emily Stuver – A favorite of Lydia Stuver of Johns Creek, GA
Lunch and Dinner – Soup

Hoppin’ John Chowder – from Carol Dunavant – A favorite of Lauren Dunavant of Germantown, TN

Classic Minestrone – from Frank Robertson – A favorite of Cayla Robertson of Sandy Springs, GA
Lunch and Dinner - Giorgio’s

Baked Potato Pizza – from Clellie Gibson – A favorite of Madison Gibson of Dacula, GA
Lunch and Dinner - Cobbler

Old Fashioned Blueberry Cobbler – from Angie Simpson – A favorite of Gray Simpson of McDonough, GA

Granny’s Old Fashioned Bread Pudding w/Vanilla Sauce – from Carmen Contreras – A favorite of Alan Contreras of Lilburn, GA
Lunch and Dinner - Cookie

Chocolate Dawg Bones – from Stacy Edwards – A favorite of Shelby Edwards of Sharpsburg, GA
Lunch – Dessert

Apple Pudding Cake w/Cinnamon Butter Sauce – from Doug Sager – A favorite of Dylan Sager of Perrysburg, NY

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Devil’s Candy – from Cheryl Pace – A favorite of Cody Pace of Adairsville, GA
Dinner - Appetizer

Buffalo Chicken Dip – from Patricia Tyson – A favorite of Jay Tyson of Cumming, GA
Dinner - Bread

Blueberry Buckle Muffins – from Mollie Smith – A favorite of Emily Smith of Swainsboro, GA
Dinner - Entrée

Shrimp Bruscato – from Susan Reini – A favorite of Josh Reini of Kennesaw, GA

Honolulu Chicken – from Mary Leveille – A favorite of Colleen Leveille of Alpharetta, GA

BBQ Meatloaf – from Melissa Bishop – A favorite of Savannah Bishop of Snellville, GA
Dinner – Vegetarian Entrée

Tex-Mex Ravioli Casserole – from Carla Yates – A favorite of Daniel Yates of Cumming, GA
Dinner - Side

Ranch Potatoes – from Kristy Hiner – A favorite of Kari Hiner of Conyers, GA

Backyard Baked Beans – from Laura Hammond – A favorite of Amelia Hammond of Peachtree City, GA

Aunt Fanny’s Baked Squash – from John Shiffert – A favorite of Maggie Shiffert of Newnan, GA
Dinner - Dessert

Strawberry Fire Ant Cake – from Jodi Godwin – A favorite of Matt Godwin of Marietta, GA

Utah Caramel Brownies – from Julie Puder – A favorite of Harison Puder of Watkinsville, GA