Bronze Award: Awarded to the teams who have demonstrated outstanding team service to our customers over the last year.

Institution: University of Georgia Food Services Host Orientation Team

Team Leader: Chef Darnell Tate

Director of Food Services: Jeanne Fry

Executive Director of Food Services: J. Michael Floyd

University of Georgia Food Services each summer assigns a Food Service Orientation Host team to assist new students and parents as they visit the campus for their Freshman Orientation experience. The Food Service Orientation Host team act as greeters in dining operations, provide Food Service information in the campus dining operations and at the campus Resource Fair. In addition to these duties they assist visitors with questions about other campus Auxiliary units. The team also assists students to sign up for the campus meal plan and student employment. The Food Service Orientation is comprised of management team members, student management team members and student employees to gain multiple perspectives and strengthen the Orientation experience for new students.

Year Earned: