The University of Georgia is consistently ranked in the Princeton Review's top 20 college food service programs, based on student satisfaction.

"Making the List"

The low-down on campus food ratings in The Princeton Review.

Findings of surveys are in the news everyday, but some of the most talked about are those from The Princeton Review's guidebook, The Best 378 Colleges, which has queried hundreds of students at selected colleges about the quality of life on campus for nearly 10 years.

One category of interest among college FSDs is the listing of best campus food among those schools surveyed.

FM wanted to know how The Princeton Review conducts its survey and what criteria is used when campus Foodservices are ranked. Here's the scoop, from Paul Cohen, The Review's guidebook editorial director:

"Every two to three years, we survey between 150-200 students on each of the college and university campuses we identify as the best in the country. (Only schools that agree to allow the authors to anonymously survey students are included in the guide.) We ask them to answer 74 questions about their own school's academics and about quality-of-life-on-campus issues."

"In regard to foodservice, we ask respondents to rate their campus dining on a scale of one to five ranging from excellent to awful. Each college is given a 'grade point average' based on the students' answers. This enables us to compare student opinions from college to college. We rank the results and publish them by category," Cohen explains.

The survey is qualitative and anecdotal, rather than scientific, he adds. "The directory's mission is to provide a relatively uncensored view of life at a particular college."


Princeton Review- Best Campus Food- Top 20

  1. 1999-  18th
  2. 2005- 20th
  3. 2007- 15th
  4. 2008- 20th
  5. 2009- 12th
  6. 2010- 7th
  7. 2011- 6th
  8. 2012 - 15th 
  9. 2013 - 20th
Year Earned: