The Annual Student Employee Recognition Ceremony was held at Oglethorpe Dining Commons on Saturday, April 18th, 2015. A large attendance of student employees enjoyed games and a fun picnic meal with their co-workers. During the ceremony the Outstanding Student Employee of the Year was announced as well as the Outstanding Student Employee winner from each unit.

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year 2015- Alvaro Bonaguro

Unit Winners

  • T.J. Mock - Catering
  • Dina Sanchez - Commissary
  • Abigail Agyeman - Oglethorpe Dining Commons
  • Tisha Josephs - Bolton Dining Commons
  • Jazmine Avery -  Chick-fil-a
  • Jillian Zaski - Bulldog Café
  • Buford "Donnie" Malone - The Village Summit Commons
  • Brian Wright - Snelling Dining Commons
  • Jade Nielsen - Campus Eateries
  • Emily Miner - Red Clay Café
  • Nina Persaud - Tate Café
  • Kristen Guske - The Niche

Congratulations to the students of Bolton Dining Commons who earned the most points during the games which won them bragging rights and ownership of the Bulldog Trophy for the upcoming year!

Year Earned: 
Award Type: 
Student Workers of the Year