Outstanding Service Excellence Efficiency & Effectiveness Improvement Initiative Award 2014

Composting at UGA Food Services

Silver Award: Awarded to teams, departments or divisions that designed and implemented process improvements or initiatives over the last year that significantly increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Institution: University of Georgia Food Services 

UGA Food Services collaborated with the Office of Sustainability, the Facilities Management Division, and the Bioconversion Center to plan and implement a project that would eliminate all non-compostable items from the dining commons so that pulped food waste could be sent to the on-campus Bioconversion Center and used as compost. The division replaced condiment packets with bulk condiment dispensers, individual coffee creamers with refrigerated dispenser machines, plastic straws with paper straws, and plastic tea bags with silk tea bags. Since implementing this project, 100% of the food waste from the dining commons has been pulped and sent to UGA’s Bioconversion Center where it is combined with landscape “leaf and limb” debris and animal bedding from the UGA campus.

Year Earned: