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Source: The Red and Black

Institutional Editorial

By the Red & Black

September 21, 2005

The University’s Food Services department was ranked in the top 1 percent of college food services in the nation based on student surveys.

Obviously, the faculty and staff who run the dining halls every day are doing something right to be satisfying the hungry mouths of more than 7,500 students who purchased the meal plan this year.

But to Food Services Director Michael Floyd, being the best is not enough.

To deter ennui of the diet, Floyd plans to renovate an often-cramped Oglethorpe Dining Hall and add a coffee shop and Mongolian grill.

And to add more bang for your buck, Floyd envisions a 24-hour facility to let the big dog eat all day and all night.

That may even encourage more on-campus upperclassmen to buy the meal plan because you can’t beat that convenience. We applaud Floyd for not letting a top-ranked University operation plateau without the foresight to reach new heights.

Not only does his work benefit the University’s good name, but it also shows commitment and dedication to the satisfaction of students.