News Date: 
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Source: The Red and Black

Red & Black Institutional Editorial

October 11, 2005

Not all students on the University meal plan clean their plates in the dining halls, but Food Services is making sure its surplus isn’t going to waste.

Mike Floyd, Food Services director, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the dining halls donated approximately 20,000 pounds of leftover food per year to local food shelters.

Although not all foods will keep for the journey from dining halls to shelters, most of it can easily be transported and consumed.

It is nice to know that the University contributes to the community in such a charitable way given that students make up a significant portion of Athens’ population.

It is important that we give back to this community, which has supported us in pursuit of our education for so long.

In addition to the fact that donating food is a good deed, Food Services also relieves the costs to the shelters for providing food for the poor.

Athens is a poor city and has a great need for places where hungry people can get a warm meal.

When you are at the grocery store, consider tossing a couple of extra cans of soup in the cart to donate to a shelter. It wouldn’t cost you more than a few cents and it might be the only thing someone eats all day.

If not that, consider donating that uneaten box of pasta sitting in the back of the pantry.

Everyone doing their part in making sure everyone around is healthy and happy is essential to maintaining harmony in any community.