News Date: 
Friday, March 9, 2007

Source: The Red and Black

By Brittany Whitley

Published, March 09, 2007

Forget Waffle House. Students need look no further than Snelling for their late-night breakfast fix.

Snelling Dining Hall will become one of the only 24/7 college eateries in the country after Spring Break.

J. Michael Floyd, director of food services at the University, said keeping Snelling open 24 hours is the next logical step after extending the hours to midnight.

"One of my dreams has always been to operate a 24-hour dining hall," Floyd said.

Snelling's close parking, popularity among students and central location make it the best choice for around-the-clock service.

At midnight, Snelling will offer a full breakfast menu, including cooked-to-order eggs and bacon.

Floyd said the change in hours especially will be helpful to students with hectic schedules, such as student athletes.

Brittany Holston, a freshman from Smyrna was excited about the change. She said after track practice she often has to stay up late doing school work.

"A late-night snack will be good," Holston said.

Derrek Walters, a senior from Madison who teaches dance at the Ritz Club downtown, also was excited.

"I can hit this place before I go home at night," he said.

Enthusiasm was strong among other students as well.

"My friends and I are having a party, then coming to eat," said Mikey Salter, a freshman from Alpharetta.

Floyd said the change in hours will not change Snelling's public safety policy. If a student enters the dining hall with alcohol or is intoxicated, University Police will be called.

Although the change in hours will accommodate student schedules, it may not accommodate their waist lines.

Alice Bender, a nutrition services coordinator at the University Health Center and a registered dietitian, said a lot of factors contribute to many students gaining weight, including easy access to food.

"The positive side is that the dining hall does have lots of healthy options available, so instead of processed snack foods or late-night fast food, students could actually choose fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods," Bender said.

Floyd said 24-hour service will allow students to snack when they are hungry, instead of overeating or "trying to get their money's worth" before the dining hall closes.

Students not on the meal plan who wander into Snelling in the wee hours of the morning need to make sure they have plastic. Snelling will not accept cash at night. Debit, credit and Bulldog Buck will be the only payment options.

At midnight, as the dining hall switches from pizza to breakfast, the Terrence Room will close and the Georgia Room will open.

Food services will hire six new full-time employees to help cover the new late night shifts.

With students staying up later, 24-hour service is the next rational step, Floyd said.

"It's not just students who are excited about the change. Sandra Patterson, a cashier at Snelling, is equally excited.

"I think it's going to be wonderful," she said. "The kids already call it club Snelling."


Published by The Red and Black, March 9, 2007