News Date: 
Thursday, May 14, 2015

Source: Business Insider

Of all the gripes students have about college, the biggest usually has to do with the food. But not every college fails where food is concerned; in fact, some colleges offer food so good that it's just like mom used to make.

To create this list, school information website Niche rounded up data from students at colleges around the US who rated their schools in the quality of both on-campus dining facilities and off-campus dining options.

Many of the colleges on the list are large schools, with plenty of resources devoted to whipping up near-gourmet meals for their students. Others are centered in big college towns (where cheap-yet-satisfying meals are available at every corner) or in big cities (like New York, which is known for its food scene).

We've included some quotes from students on Niche to show why each school made the list.

3. University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

"UGA's dining services are truly amazing compared to most other schools... Especially with the new addition of Bolton Dining Commons, UGA really has so many convenient dining halls to get to. I went vegetarian about 3 months ago and have had no problem at all finding great vegetarian and vegan options!"