Making sure your diet is balanced -- getting the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins -- is essential to being your best self! Your body is your engine, if you put good fuel in, it will keep running until the day is done. Energy is a huge concern for college students, because we are constantly on the go, whether it's writing papers, working on lab reports or studying for the next exam. Most of us will sooner reach for a latte than a bowl of Greek yogurt and fruit, and this will ultimately end in an energy crash or yet another cup of coffee. Many who try to incorporate a healthier eating pattern tend to feel better overall and may not even need an energy boost at the end of the day. Along with having adequate energy supplies, a healthy diet can help boost the immune system, brain function, ability to focus, and more. For more information on mindful eating, try our Eating Smart course offered every semester by our registered dietitian.