If you will be on the meal plan for Fall semester, but one of these conflicts occurs during Spring semester then go ahead and sign up for the academic year contract. Once charges have posted to your account for Spring semester (usually late October or early November), visit or call the the One Stop Shop in Tate Plaza at 706-542-7130. If you are student teaching or studying abroad, you will need to bring documentation from your advisor verifying the conflict. If you are graduating, you will need to fill out a verification form in our office. Upon verification with the Registrar, the spring portion of your meal plan will be cancelled at no cost. If your approved internship is scheduled for just a part of the Spring semester, please bring documentation from your advisor indicating the dates of your internship. Dining Services can adjust the Spring semester charges to reflect those dates that you are not participating in your internship to allow you to participate in the meal plan. 

If one of these conflicts occurs during Fall semester and you only can be on the meal plan during Spring semester, just complete the academic meal plan contract before the start of Spring semester. Your meal plan charge will be only for Spring semester. 

Please note: Dining Services offers the Bulldawg Box program which allows students to register to take meal to-go Monday - Friday from Oglethope, the Village Summit, or the Niche (HSC residents only). Click to learn more.

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