Fall 2019 Meal Plan

Fall 2019 meal plan cancellations are no longer in effect. If you wish to change your Fall 2019 meal plan, please email Teresa Cash at tjcash@uga.edu.

Spring 2020 Meal Plan

Sping 2020 meal plan changes and cancellations will open in December 2019 by following these directions: 

  1. Log in to your Dining Services Account
  2. Click on “Meal Plan/PAW Points” on the left side of the page
  3. Initial and agree to the terms
  4. Select “Spring” 
  5. Select whether you want to change, manage, cancel, etc., your meal plan for the spring and follow the prompts
  6. Once you see a confirmation of the action you have taken, you are set!

Please allow two business days for changes to post to your student account.

If you are presently living in housing but will not be for the spring semester and are wishing to choose a commuter meal plan, please wait until the end of this semester for housing statuses to be updated and choose/change your meal plan at that time. In order to avoid change or cancellation fees, all changes or cancellations must be processed by January 1, 2020.