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Bulldog Box Program

A to-go box container.

Bulldog Box allows customers to register for a reusable, environmentally safe, sustainable to-go container in lieu of disposable containers. Boxes, available at the cashier station, must be returned in exchange for a new box at each visit. Anyone who has activated a meal plan contract is automatically enrolled in the Bulldog Box program. The program is available at all Dining Commons during open hours.

Meal Options:

  • To-Go Meal for the existing meal period - allows students 15 minutes to fill their container. If the student is on an upper-level or Commuter meal plan, after the 15 minutes, a second meal/block will be charged.
  • To-Go Meal for the next meal period – you will be able to enjoy your current meal, then fill your container for your next meal.


By providing UGA Dining Services customers a reusable, environmentally safe, sustainable to-go container, UGA Dining Services is hoping to create additional value for our customers by providing a new way to get a meal at our Dining Commons while decreasing the volume of waste that currently fills our landfills. The switch to reusable To-Go containers takes us one step further on our journey to going green!

About The Box

The box is microwave and dishwasher safe and is made of 30% recycled material, there is no BPA, melamine, or heavy metals or any toxic components in the material, and the container itself is recyclable at the end of its usage.

How The Program Works

  • When you come to a dining commons for a meal, tell the cashier that you want to get a To Go Meal BEFORE you use the Iris camera to enter.
  • There are two meal options
    • To-Go Meal for the existing meal period — you will have 15 minutes to fill your container or a second meal/block will be charged.
    • To-Go Meal for the next meal period — you will be able to enjoy your current meal, then fill your container to take your next meal to go.
  • Based upon your selection, the cashier will adjust your blocks or swipes accordingly.
  • You can only take one Bulldog Box meal for that same period.
  • The program is available at the following locations when the meal plan is in service; Bolton Dining Commons, Oglethorpe Dining Commons, the Village Summit Dining Commons, Snelling Dining Commons, and the Niche at Scott Hall.  Only those participating students that reside on the Health Sciences Campus and faculty and staff, will be able to participate at the Niche at Scott Hall.

Rules of the Program

  • For a complete list of rules, please see your current meal plan contract for details.
  • To participate in this program, you will receive a to-go container at no fee.  Should you lose/misplace your container, a $5 replacement fee will be charged.  
  • Once the container is used, trash or uneaten food should be discarded. The box should then be brought back to the dining commons and traded for a clean container each time he or she wants to use the take-out option.
  • In the event that a container is returned but a take-out meal is not requested at that time, a virtual token will be issued that can be redeemed later for take-out. Upon request, customers will be provided a pre-packaged disposable utensil/napkin/salt/pepper kit.
  • Customers may not utilize take-out and consume a meal inside the dining hall on the same card swipe or payment.
  • To go box is not transferable to another meal plan user.
  • Misuse of the program may result in loss of privileges.

Food Safety Practices

  • Cold food needs to stay below 41°F, and hot food needs to stay above 135°F.
  • All food items taken out should be consumed or refrigerated within two hours. Refrigerated leftovers should be consumed or discarded within two days.
  • When reheating refrigerated food, the food must be reheated to at least 165°F within two hours of removing it from refrigeration.