All students start out as a “Student Employee”, but we encourage students to apply for our Student Management Program. If selected for a position, students can then become “Student Clericals”, “Student Supervisors”, and even “Student Managers”. So yes, there are promotions.

Students are not expected to work on holidays/breaks, but they are more than welcome to if their unit will be open. With this being said - whenever you are planning on not being at work, you need to let your manager know, even if it is a holiday/break.

Not at all! We welcome students with all types of backgrounds and will train you for the job.

Dining Services has lots of variety! Yes, we have 5 dining commons, however we also have many retail operations - some of which include: Chick-Fil-A, Barberitos, our very own Niche Pizza Co, Panda Express, Starbucks, Catering, and much more!

All of our students can work between 9-20 hours a week. There are no exceptions for more or less.

For every shift you work, you get a free meal. Most students are not scheduled for more than four hours in one day, so if you plan on eating multiple meals a day, yes, you will need one of our Meal Plans. If you want to find out more, please visit our website ( & click on Meal Plans.

We understand that being a student comes first so we can definitely work around *most* class schedules.

Some of our units require all students to work a weekend shift, while other units are closed on weekends. It depends on the needs of each individual unit. Our employment application specifies the weekend requirements for all units. 

No matter if you work in a dining commons or retail location, you will be cross-trained for all stations at your unit! Some days you may be doing dishes, helping on a serving line, scooping ice cream, or even running a register.

Unfortunately, it will not be. We are not a Federal Work Study employer. You will be given a pay check every two weeks instead.