Pumpkin Pancakes from Sharon Bowers - a favorite of Stephen Willingham from Macon, GA
Strawberry Bread from Cathie Rogers - a favorite of Jay Rogers from Atlanta, GA
Tomato Pie from Lucy Scarborough - a favorite of Katie Scarborough from Marietta, GA.
Grandma’s Squash Casserole from Becky Tucker - a favorite of Kathleen Henderson from Cumming, GA.
Pineapple Casserole from Sandra Gilmore - a favorite of Brittany Gilmore from Asheville, NC.
Chicken Marbella from Mollie Chambers - a favorite of Claire Chambers from Tuscaloosa, AL.
Sweet Potato Casserole from Marianne Prevatt - a favorite of Michael Prevatt from Thomasville, GA.
Rouladen from Veronica Bruyere - a favorite of Rebecca Bruyere from Snellville, GA.
Pasta w/ Pink Sauce & Sausage from Judy Bozarth - a favorite of Ashley Bozarth from Altlanta, GA.
Chocolate Fudge Pie from Susan Bracewell - a favorite of Taylor Bracewell from Gainesville, GA.
Lunch and Dinner
Grape Salad from Patty Hahn - a favorite of Julie Hahn from Savannah, GA.
Charleston Shrimp Potato Salad from Tom & Lisa Baggett - a favorite of Caroline Baggett from St Petersburg, FL.
Texas Ho Down Black Bean & Corn Salad from Fran Marston - a favorite of Chris Marston from Roswell, GA.
Candied Wings from Sheri Berke - a favorite of Danielle Berke from Roswell, GA.
Clam Chowder – New England Style from Jane Brown - a favorite of Scott Brown from Duluth, GA.
Santa Fe Soup from Anne Kanavage - a favorite of Kane Kanavage from Bogart, GA.
Tropical Cobbler w/ Coconut Cream Glaze from Kathy Daykin - a favorite of Kevin Daykin from Woodstock, GA.
Lazy Wife’s Cobbler from Jack & Joanie Bryant - a favorite of Jessica Bryant from Evans, GA.
Awesome Cookies from Margaret Bartlett - a favorite of Ashley Bartlett from Longwood, FL.
Spinach Spaghetti from Julie O’Brien - a favorite of Erin O’Brien from Marietta, GA.
Onions Au Gratin from LaRue Gerard - a favorite of Patrick Gerard from Lilburn, GA.
Cajun Green Beans from Joanie Arcement - a favorite of Jay Arcement from Stone Mountain, GA.
Pork Tenderloin Diane from Sara Szambelan - a favorite of Matt Szambelan from Alpharetta, GA.
Chicken Franchese from Jackie Bourret - a favorite of Roman Bourret from Alpharetta, GA.
Quick Parmesan Potatoes from John Carter - a favorite of Austen Carter from Taylors, SC.
White Wine Cake from Veronica Bangsboll - a favorite of Michele Bangsboll from Fayetteville, GA.