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History of the Gold and Silver Plate Awards

2002 marks the 47th anniversary of IFMA's Gold and Silver Plate Awards. For 47 years these awards have acknowledged, with highest tribute, the most outstanding operator talents in our $411 billion foodservice industry. Since its inception in 1955, the Gold and Silver Plate program has followed the tradition of "recognizing excellence to encourage excellence."

Restaurants USA, May 1998


A complete list of the 1998 Great Menu Design Contest winners

Institutional Foodservice

First Place: Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., New York, NY

Second Place: The Morris Inn Dining Room, Notre Dame, IN

*** Third Place: University of Georgia Food Services, Athens, GA

Best of Show

Big Bowl, Chicago, IL

Restaurants & Institutions Magazine presents the 1995 Ivy Award to J. Michael Floyd and The University of Georgia Food Services Staff - May 1995

"True leadership stems from professionals who preserve the traditions of excellence even as they achieve success. By their eminence, they lend direction to the world of service. Restaurants & Institutions salutes restaurants of distinction, selected by the most critical judges, their colleagues and competitors."

The History of the Ivy Award