Taste of Home Snelling 2022


Breakfast Casserole | from Cheri Kellam | a favorite of Paul Kellam
Monkey Bread | from Caroline Hare | a favorite of Caroline Hare


Greek Pork Pita Pockets | from Sarah Ritter | a favorite of Abigail Ritter
Spicy Scrambled Tofu | from Madhavi Sreerangam | a favorite of Sai Anoop Avunuri
Uncle Mark’s Chicken | from Tom Greco | a favorite of Harrison Greco
Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Shells | from Terri Stewart | a favorite of William Stewart
Paleo Oven-Crisped Brussels Sprouts | from Katie Bearden | a favorite of Abbie Bearden
Goat Cheese Scalloped Potatoes | from Kelley Smith | a favorite of Olivia Smith
Ed’s Ultra-Lemony Cake with Lemonade Frosting | from Mary Lang | a favorite of Edward Nickerson
Farro Salad | from Victoria Navarrete | a favorite of Natalie Navarrete

Lunch & Dinner

Toasted Rotini with Wild Mushrooms | from Beth Goddard | a favorite of Charlie Goddard
“Bourbon” Marinated Salmon | from Areum Kim | a favorite of Areum Kim
Strawberry Pretzel Salad | from Dawn Burkhalter | a favorite of Thomas Burkhalter
Oatmeal Caramel Bars | from Natalie Conte | a favorite of Christian Conte


End Zone Sliders with Dawg Sauce | from Madison Rome | a favorite of Madison Rome
Sweet Potato Chili | from Dana Phillips | a favorite of Ella Phillips
Simple Shrimp and Chorizo Paella | from Jessica Velasquez | a favorite of Diego Sunga
Chicken Tikka Masala | from Meghan Stewart | a favorite of Meghan Stewart
Hibachi Noodles | from Michael Lopes | a favorite of Kaitlyn Lopes
Creamy Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta | from Tory Mayhue | a favorite of Avery Mayhue
Schinkenspaetzle | from C Scott Reimert | a favorite of Angela Reimert
Dark Chocolate S’mores Bars | from Elizabeth Shoupe | a favorite of Megan Shoupe