Taste of Home Village Summit 2021


Sausage Crescent Breakfast Casserole (2020 winner) | from David Mitchell | a favorite of Elena Mitchell
Pumpkin Muffins | from Lisa Casey | a favorite of Jack Casey


Pollo Vaca Frita (2020 winner) | from Victoria Navarrete | a favorite of Natalie Navarrete
Maple Glazed Salmon | from Jillian Ellington | a favorite of Phillip Ellington
Parmesan Corn & Zucchini Dish | from Starre Jennings | a favorite of Madison Jennings
The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts | from Susan Juliano | a favorite of Jordan Juliano

Lunch & Dinner

Lemon Rice Casserole with Cucumber Greek Yogurt Raita | from Priya Ramamurthy | a favorite of Pranav Ramamurthy
Russian Honey Cake (2020 winner) | from Natalya Selitskiy | a favorite of Denis Selitskiy
Greek Salad with Roasted Chicken & Chickpeas | from Laura D’Antoni | a favorite of Elizabeth D’Antoni
Banana-Berry Spin Smoothie (2020 winner) | from Randall Newton | a favorite of Tyler Matthew Newton


Sweet and Sour Ribs | from Bei Li | a favorite of Allison Gao
Chicken Breast Medallions Rolled in Cheese & Bacon on a White Wine Garlic & Mustard Sauce | from Juliana Pena Cal | a favorite of Luisa Pena Cal de Macedo
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes | from Gail Jarvis | a favorite of Brice Jarvis
Cashew Broccoli (2020 winner) | from Laurie Benken | a favorite of Joseph Benken