Source: The Red and Black

Red & Black Institutional Editorial

October 11, 2005

Not all students on the University meal plan clean their plates in the dining halls, but Food Services is making sure its surplus isn’t going to waste.

Mike Floyd, Food Services director, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the dining halls donated approximately 20,000 pounds of leftover food per year to local food shelters.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Institutional Editorial

By Lawrence Biemiller

The Chronicle of Higher Education

January 28, 2005

For many University of Georgia students, comfort food is Chef Boyardee ravioli. The university's food service has experimented with upscale ravioli offerings, but students don't want fancy stuff -- they want Chef Boyardee. At lunch and dinner.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Evelyn Knauft Makes a Chocolate Pie That's Big Around the House

From the Athens Banner-Herald

Evelyn Knauft's Angus Barn Chocolate Chess Pie was one of 120 recipes selected for "Taste of Home," sponsored by UGA Food Service.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Story by Chris J. Starrs

For the Athens Banner-Herald

For a student away from home at college, the only thing better than enjoying a favorite family recipe in the dining halls would be having the opportunity to share in that meal with 6,000 of your closest friends.

Source: Georgia Magazine

December 2004

By Kent Hannon

For Georgia Magazine

Source: USA Today

By Sharon Jayson

For USA Today

November 18th, 2004

ATHENS, Ga. — Drab cafeteria fare is gone. Restaurant-savvy students are now digging in at college dining halls that have atmosphere and a multitude of choices.

It's no wonder that pounds are adding up on the student body.

Feeding the masses at UGA

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

By Wayne Ford

For the Athens Banner-Herald

September 1, 2004

Mike Floyd, the man in charge of the dining halls at the University of Georgia where about 30,000 meals a day are prepared, grew up the son of a career military man.

But he doesn't consider himself a cook, nor does he like the old military term "mess hall."

Source: The Red and Black

By Natalie David

For the Red & Black

August 23, 2004

With the opening of the new Joe Frank Harris Commons, students now have access to more than the average dining hall.

The new building showcases a miniature food court featuring coffee, ice cream and gourmet sandwiches for the meal plan challenged -- or those simply willing to throw down a few extra bucks for Edy's or Seattle's Best -- in addition to comfortable and enclosed areas for studying.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

New Buildings to Add Housing, Eating Facilities

By Ross Markman

The Athens Banner-Herald

February 29, 2004

The Village Summit, as it's being called, smells like shop class.

In a matter of months, that scent - scorched metal, wood shavings and paint - will be supplanted by the aromas of grilled chicken, fresh-baked bread and beans of the day.

Source: The Red and Black

By Matthew Hunt

The Red & Black

February 25, 2004

Although the cost of a semester meal plan will increase by about $100 next fall, Food Services Director Michael Floyd said the price hike was expected following the completion of the University's newest dining hall -- The East Campus Commons.

"We've renovated all the dining halls in the last eight years, and we learn something new each time," Floyd said. "(The ECC) has taken two years of our lives ... but we know students will say 'Wow.'"