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By Pearman Parker

Published , December 01, 2006, 06:00:01 AM EDT

Her welcome of “Hello, sugah,” and her good-bye of “You take care now, you hear?” brightened the days of students for 39 years.

But after her retirement Thursday, students at Snelling Dining Hall will not hear her kind words any longer.

She said her goodbyes amid the laughter and good wishes of her coworkers and customers.

Source: On-Campus Hospitality Magazine

November 2006

As part of a series of renovations that began in 1998, the University of Georgia recently opened the $1.5-million Oglethorpe Dining Commons - a facility designed with the school's new demographics in mind.

Source: FoodService Director Magazine

ATHENS, GA—A coffee bar on a college campus is not unique. But "Joe at the O" at the University of Georgia may very well be.

That's because the coffee bar is located in Oglethorpe Dining Commons, an all-you-can-eat residence hall dining facility on the 34,000-student campus. According to foodservice director Mike Floyd, it is just one of the innovations that has more than doubled meal counts in the recently renovated dining hall.

Source: Southern Living Magazine

Family Favorites

By Shirley Harrington

Getting dinner on the table is a challenge for all parents. Multiply that by 7,650 diners, and you'll know the difficulty facing the University of Georgia Food Services staff. So they created a clever program called "Taste of Home." Parents send in recipes, and the staff selects, cooks, and serves about 120 dishes in the dining halls at the annual "Taste of Home" event. Here's a main dish and dessert that made the grade at UGA.


Baked Curry-Glazed Chicken

Laura Hale Bennewitz ’73, Grady College graduate and mother of four, including Katie Bennewitz ’01 and current UGA 3rd year student Tom Bennewitz, is the three time winner of the Taste of Home event sponsored by UGA Food Services. On January 12, Laura welcomed the Alumni Association into her kitchen to learn more about her and her award-winning recipes.

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By Courtney Alford-Pomeroy


Story updated at 7:53 PM on

Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Today, some very proud parents will be walking around the University of Georgia campus.

No, their children didn't just ace a test - in class, that is.

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Red & Black Institutional Editorial

October 11, 2005

Not all students on the University meal plan clean their plates in the dining halls, but Food Services is making sure its surplus isn’t going to waste.

Mike Floyd, Food Services director, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the dining halls donated approximately 20,000 pounds of leftover food per year to local food shelters.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Institutional Editorial

By Lawrence Biemiller

The Chronicle of Higher Education

January 28, 2005

For many University of Georgia students, comfort food is Chef Boyardee ravioli. The university's food service has experimented with upscale ravioli offerings, but students don't want fancy stuff -- they want Chef Boyardee. At lunch and dinner.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Evelyn Knauft Makes a Chocolate Pie That's Big Around the House

From the Athens Banner-Herald

Evelyn Knauft's Angus Barn Chocolate Chess Pie was one of 120 recipes selected for "Taste of Home," sponsored by UGA Food Service.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Story by Chris J. Starrs

For the Athens Banner-Herald

For a student away from home at college, the only thing better than enjoying a favorite family recipe in the dining halls would be having the opportunity to share in that meal with 6,000 of your closest friends.