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By: Abby Jackson

August 28, 2017

College dining halls are usually large, cafeteria-style establishments that feed thousands of students quickly three times a day. That is to say, they're not typically seen as producing restaurant-caliber food.

But at some college dining halls, the food is a step above the rest.

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By: Krista Richmond

August 14, 2017

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By: Kaley Lefevre
May 10, 2017

For students with food allergies, navigating the dining halls can often be tricky.

According to UGA Dining Services, every dining hall is considerate of these students by ensuring they serve options every student is able to eat, no matter the allergy.

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By: Harrison Young

Aprill 22, 2017

Starting this fall, students will be getting into the dining halls hands-free.

UGA is installing iris cameras in all the dining halls and the Ramsey Student Center, and a quick glance at a camera will replace the current hand scans and card swipes.

After months of planning and construction, University of Georgia Food Services has officially opened a Starbucks on the third level of the Tate Student Center.

If you're a night owl, UGA could be a great place for you. Snelling Dining Commons is open 24 hours a day, which is pretty uncommon among campus dining halls. There's also a taco truck, three food courts, and several dining halls. The university also works with Georgia Grown, a group that helps source the freshest local ingredients for their eateries.

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October, 27, 2016

By Sam Dangremond

One might expect the Culinary Institute of America, whose Hyde Park, New York campus churns out some of the top young chefs in the country, to serve the best food of any college.

But in fact, it's the University of California-Los Angeles that's been declared the best for on-campus dining among our nation's higher education institutions (The C.I.A. was number four, after Virginia Tech and Washington University in St. Louis).

October, 12, 2016

By Hillary Brown

I’M TRUCKIN’: Even if you love UGA, you probably recognize that it doesn’t tend to pursue hot trends. It’s big, it’s old, and one of the three pillars of its arch stands for moderation. That makes it all the more surprising that it now has its very own food truck, Taqueria 1785, which can be found from one end of campus to the other, serving up a small but tasty menu.