Sarah Nash
Peer Nutrition Educators
Peer Nutrition Educator
Name: Sarah Nash Year and major: 5th year, Dietetics Hometown: Pittsfield, MA Favorite food: Alfredo Sauce Why you picked your major: I chose to be a Dietetics major because I love food and I love helping people. I think it is fascinating how food can interact with our bodies in different ways. I want to use this degree to help people fuel their bodies the best way they can to live their fullest life. Why you wanted to be a PNE: I love interacting with people and talking about food! This opportunity allows me to do both of those things. I chose to apply for PNE after realizing that I can learn about Dietetics all day long, but if I can’t put that knowledge to action then it serves no purpose. What it really comes down to is the importance of being able to effectively communicate the information we take in to the people that can benefit from it most. This is why nutrition education is so important, and as a PNE I am excited to have the opportunity to make a difference by teaching people about the benefits of food and proper nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.