Cheyenne Grooms
Peer Nutrition Educators
Peer Nutrition Educator
Name: Cheyenne Grooms Year & major: Fourth year Nutrition Science major Favorite Food: Steak with loaded mashed potatoes Why I picked my major: After personally losing a lot of weight and falling in love with nutrition I decided I wanted to study it and help others develop healthy relationships with food! I was originally a dietetics major but then decided I wanted to go to medical school! I decided to stay with nutrition after learning that a lot of doctors do not have a nutrition background. I am excited to bring this knowledge to the medical field with hopes of taking care of patients through preventative care first with healthy eating and habits! Why I wanted to become a PNE: Throughout my four years of college I have struggled with an eating disorder so I wanted a tool that I could use, to not only help myself, but also help my peers that may be struggling with the same issues! I wanted to bring my personal story to others in order to inspire them to pursue a healthy relationship with food and eating.