Customer Service Enhancements

Implemented Fall 2021

Meal plan participants on the 180-Block, Commuter, and Upper-Level plans with fewer than 10 blocks can now purchase additional blocks in increments of 10 to extend their meal plan until the end of the semester. This enhancement provides the ability to add more meals at the meal plan rate of $9.40 per block, which saves approximately $2 to $6 off the cost of non-meal plan entry to the dining commons.

The opportunity for a 10-block extension will be added to the participant’s account management page each time they drop below 10 blocks and are eligible to add more. The option to purchase additional blocks will continue to be available in future semesters.

Remember, blocks from the 180-Block, Commuter, and Upper-Level plans are non-refundable and do not roll from semester to semester or from year to year. This includes any blocks added later in the semester. It is to the customer’s advantage to use all of their blocks each semester so as to not forfeit any unused blocks.

If a meal plan participant runs out of blocks and does not wish to add 10 blocks to their account, they can still purchase individual meals at the dining commons by using tax-free Paw Points, Bulldog Bucks, cash, or credit/debit. A 10% discount off the cash price is available to students, faculty, and staff by showing a valid UGA OneCard at the register.

The Station and Market at Baldwin are now offering expanded hours of operation, new selections, and a contactless experience! By converting to self-pay markets, these locations can now be operational whenever the buildings they are housed in are open to serve a wide variety of grab-n-go sandwiches and salads, snacks, bottled beverages, and more.

Additionally, Market at Tate in the Tate Student Center added a self-checkout station for optional contactless service during their regular hours of operation and Market at Driftmier is now open to better serve students, faculty, and staff at the College of Engineering.

These cashless locations accept contactless payment via Paw Points, Bulldog Bucks, credit/debit cards, and through mobile transactions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

For a full list of locations, visit

For the 2021 – 2022 academic year, we are enhancing meal plan options to provide you with the ability to customize a meal plan that best meets your specific needs. We are also introducing a new category of meal plan choices for students living on campus beyond their first year.   

The decision to enhance options came from a desire to provide greater flexibility through the customization of meal blocks and Paw Points.

“Evolving to meet the dining needs of our campus community continues to be a priority for Dining Services,” said Bryan Varin, executive director for Dining Services. “Through customer feedback, we have heard that customization is important to our students. We hope that these new meal plan options will provide the personalization and flexibility that students have requested.”

About the Meal Plans 

All-Access meal plans, which are available to all students (first-year students living on campus, upper-level students living on campus, and students living off campus) and provide unlimited access to UGA’s five dining commons, will be offered as a 5- or 7-day unlimited plan with the ability to customize a preferred number of Paw Points ranging from 0 – 250 points. A 10% bonus in Paw Points will be awarded with the initial purchase.

Commuter meal plans, which are available to students living off campus and provide a set number of meals, will be offered as a customizable block plan with blocks ranging from 65 – 125 and Paw Points ranging from 200 – 650. 

We worked with UGA's Student Government Association (SGA) to pilot a 180-block plan during the 2020-2021 academic year. Upon evaluation of the pilot program, along with student feedback, we will offer a customizable block plan with blocks ranging from 140 – 180 and Paw Points ranging from 0 – 300. Students eligible for this plan will include upper-level students living on campus as well as commuter students.  A 180-block plan with 300 Paw Points will remain available to all students, including first-year students living on campus. 

The UGA meal plan, which remains voluntary for all students regardless of housing status, provides convenience and savings. The All-Access plans are valued at approximately $5.00 - $7.00 per meal, meaning students save approximately $4.50 - $10.50 off the regular entry price for non-meal plan holders. With the Commuter plan valued at $9.40 per meal, students save approximately $2.00 - $6.00 off the regular entry price for non-meal plan holders.

“It has been an honor to be able to not just see this opportunity on campus but also work with Dining Services to bring a solution into fruition,” said SGA member Bryson Henriott. “The pilot 180- block plan we created last year was a huge step forward in ensuring that all students had a flexible and more affordable option. This new customizable meal plan option that we have designed takes this even a step further by allowing students to choose specifically a plan that works best for themselves. I am incredibly thankful for the work that has been accomplished in ensuring that every student is taken care of on this campus.”

Meal Plan Builder

Use our new meal plan builder to explore and customize your meal plan options!

*Note: The meal plan builder helps you determine which plan is the best for you. Students will still need to log into their meal plan account to sign up for a plan. 


Implemented Spring 2021

FujiSan Sushi is now available at Red Clay Café in Joe Frank Harris Commons. They offer an extensive selection of rolls, poke bowls, bubble tea, and sides like seaweed salad and gyoza. FujiSan sushi is also offered as a grab-and-go item in our Market locations, meaning you can find your favorite fresh cuts all over campus. 


Implemented Fall 2020

Village Summit is now featuring premium entrées each Sunday beginning at 4:00 p.m. Each Sunday, Village Summit offers a rotation of shrimp scampi; peel-and-eat shrimp with cocktail sauce, roasted baby potatoes, and corn on the cob; or coconut shrimp with sweet chili pineapple sauce! 


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